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joss areté


A born-and-bred New Yorker with a decade of experience in LA, Joss relocated to the UK in 2019, where they have been named a Global Talent Promising Leader by the government.


From devising immersive nightlife events to directing festival-premiering feature film, transmedia music, and award-winning digital experiences, including for Jeanette Winterson, CBE, Joss holds a unique capacity to unite the UK and US in production.


Their work has been supported by the Arts Council of England, Watershed (Bristol), HOME (Manchester), FACT (Liverpool), Spirit Studios, and Homobloc (Warehouse Project), and they have guest lectured internationally in digital design and transmedia storytelling.


They’ve been a creative producer and development executive for creators across television, immersive and literature, assisted global media expert Henry Jenkins, and produced large-scale creative conferences. Their work is supported by their masters in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester (UK), and a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Northwestern University (Chicago, USA).

Recently, they've launched Studio Areté, an experiential studio at the intersection of music, movement, and emerging technology.


joss at studio arete dot us


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