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I am a meditative movement teacher who incorporates elements of both South and East Asian practices.


Growing up as the daughter of cynical, intellectual New Yorkers I never imagined I would become a moving meditation teacher. My consistent practice developed during college when I discovered that moving meditation was the best way to sustain both physical and mental health. Within a year after graduating from Northwestern University, I received my yoga teaching certification from Chicago’s Moksha Yoga, the Midwest’s largest and most well-known studio. I immersed myself in the in-depth year-long training, receiving my certification at the 200 hour level (though the program in total was nearly 1000 hours), and completing a 45-page thesis on the use of Yoga for Actors.


The day after my arrival on the West Coast, I began studying towards my 500-hour certification with intuitive powerhouse Shiva Rea at Exhale in Venice. Always searching for greater knowledge, I have been lucky to study with yoga teachers from Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusari, Shadow, and Kalari backgrounds, and qi gong and wu shu teachers with direct training from Chinese masters. I have also investigated therapeutic yoga with Viniyoga master Gary Kraftsow and physical therapist/yogi Sherry Brourman. 

I currently teach private sessions; I previously taught in Los Angeles studios including Silverlake Yoga and Liberation Yoga, as well as locations as varied as Gold's Gym, the LA Department of Water and Power, and Occidental College, where I provided instruction to both the students and faculty. Particularly skilled at helping beginners deepen their practice, my wide study base helps me to translate moving meditation's helpful lessons in a way that can speak to anyone, from cynic to devotee. I am committed to helping people learn to listen better, and get in touch with their own potential, their power: their Areté.

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