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I directed and produced a feature film, released in 2013 and currently streaming on Amazon, Vimeo, and YouTube

Your Friends Close takes place over one harrowing night when a party thrown by a group of video game designers turns into a high-stakes competition against their own AI creation to prove their worth as humans.


With cameos by Yahtzee Croshaw and Lisa Foiles. 


Who would you lose to win?



“Dark Whit Stillman + Portal = Your Friends Close” - Tiny Mix Tapes


“Taut, restless direction…excellent writing…balances character-driven drama and dark comedy with video game theory and nerdy inside jokes.” - Twinfinite


“Jocelyn possesses an enigmatic and intelligent quality that reminds me of Lena Headey or Anna Karina.” - Mr. K’s Geek Cornucopia


"The relatively small setting forces together conflicting egos, and the clash of the big dreams and endless ambition of these creatives with a relatively mundane setting is tough to watch, but impossible to pull away from." - Cubed


“…compelling story…delightfully clever screenplay…entertaining and grounded performances…dance-like flow…It’s inspiring to witness [Kelvin & screenwriter Wilbur] pull off an ambitious feature so skilfully.” - Agnès Films

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